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What’s included in The Scarlet Pen Hen do Life drawing class?
A 1.5-hour drawing class. We provide the model, drawing materials and for lux bookings berets, moustaches and a glass of fizz per person. A small prize & certificate for the best artist chosen by the group.  

Do you accept mixed groups?

Yes. Please inform us if you are a mixed group and whether you would prefer a male or female model, we can accommodate all groups.

But what if I can’t draw? 
No experience required, most of our hens haven't drawn since school. We will start with an icebreaker session which will relax the group. Our teams are professionals with over 20 years experience, they can give you top tips and guide you through perspective, shading, composition and using different techniques and materials. If you have a creative background you will gain new knowledge and be inspired if you have no experience its, not a problem, you will be amazed by your artistic results by the end of the class. Many of our hens have said they would like to continue what they have learnt and even consider attending drawing classes. The forfeits added to the sessions help to get everyone engaged in the activity.

Is the model nude? 
Yes! That's what most of our guest request if you prefer the model to cover up then please just let us know. Our models are very body confident and like to invite guests to come and interact with them.  
What areas do you visit? 
The Scarlet Hen is a mobile service and we can visit you throughout The North of England, Yorkshire, Derbyshire Humberside, Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham (please ask if your location is not here) We regularly visit country cottages, big houses, hotels, private homes, function rooms, art studios, in fact, we will visit pretty much anywhere!

Is our chosen venue suitable? 

We have to ensure that the space is totally private and windows can be covered if necessary and sealed from public view. The area needs to be warm and have enough room for all guests to be seated, posing area for the model and room for the tutor to move between the class. I'm more than happy to speak to the venue to check suitably. Please inform your accommodation to ensure they are happy with you holding the life drawing.

Can we do the class outside?
As long  the model agrees and its private and not overlooked by neighbours and weather permitting 

Not everyone in our group wants to draw – can some of us just watch? 
Unfortunately not, only booked paying guests may attend the session.
Can we have a shorter or longer class? 
Yes, our standard class is 1.5 hours, if you would like a shorter lesson we can arrange this but the cost remains the same.

If you would like a longer class then please contact We can tailor classes to suit.

What if more people join at the last minute – can we pay for extra 'artists' on the day? 
Yes, you can, ideally, we need as much notice as possible. Always call to add on your numbers before the date. If short notice is given we may not have the space or accessories, so please give us as much notice as you can.

I’ve booked The Scarlet Pen or made an enquiry online but haven’t heard from you?
Please just check your junk folder, if in doubt give me a call. Make sure the email address and phone number you provide are correct.

How much is the class?

Prices start  £25 for a basic class and our Lux is £30 -£35 for a 1.5hr class. 

How do I pay? 

You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 at the time of booking, payment details will be on the booking form.

When is the balance due? 
You will be required to pay the balance (which is then non-refundable) one month before your booking date. An invoice will be sent to you at the time.

Some artists have dropped out, can we get a refund? 

Over one month
There is no refund on the deposit, however, if you have paid the balance early and someone drops out then we will refund the difference. Remember the minimum number is 10 and the minimum cost is £300.

Under one month

Refunds will not be given once the final balance date has passed.

Can we change the time of our booking? 
Due to the demand for models and the number of classes we host each day, it’s unlikely we will be able to change the time of your class. Therefore, please consider the best time for your class before booking, considering guests’ arrival times, mealtimes, and other activities.

Can we request a particular model? 
We work with a number of models who are always in high demand, unfortunately, because of this, we can't specify which model you will get. All our models are fantastic and our artists love them.  We will put you in touch with our model a week before the class to you can arrange any final details. 

Is there a minimum age to attend The Scarlet Pen class? 
Guests must be 18+


If your question has not been answered then please just drop me an email at 

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