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Hen Party House 24th Feb 2018 16 hens

Yesterday was the first time I took The Scarlet Pen on the road, the venue was the fab @henpartyhouse near Leeds with a lively bunch of hens from the North East. I collected Chocolate Surprise, my life model from Huddersfield train station and briefed him on the job on the way to the house. I had spoken to the Bride to be that morning just to check times, set up and how to pitch the class. Some hens want a serious session where they really want to learn how to draw and have a good range of abilities. Other groups want a fun, interactive session with truth or dare cards, which creates a rather naughty session. During the week I teach young adults Art and Design and with 20 years experience as an art tutor and professional artist I love showing the hens the techniques to create realistic, creative and inspiring drawings during the session. I'm also happy if they request a fun packed session which is geared more to the excitement of having a naked man join the party. I usually have a good idea of which type of group once I walk through the door. This weeks group were split down the middle half excited party girls with drinks at the ready and the other half including the bride to be, reserved, quiet and ready to learn. Its sometimes tricky to pitch to both groups in the same room and I was a tiny bit nervous of the high energy when I arrived at the house. As we walk though the door to squeals of delight I looked at Chocolate Surprise and was happy he hadn't turned and run for the hills. I'm always amazed by his calm collective persona, even when faced with a room full of high spirited girls. I let CS disappear to get changed while I set up the room. Its always a challenge setting up so everyone can see and still have room for me to do the demo, CS to pose and girls to move around. It takes about 30 mins for me to prep the room and lay everything out, making sure I haven't forgotten anything. I provide bottles of fizz which always helps to get the girls in the mood, berets for the hens, moustaches and all materials. This week after a bit of a disaster with moustaches that had arrived faulty and without any stickiness I decided to have the girls use eyeliner to draw on each others moustaches, this proved to be great fun and there we some hilarious moustache- beard combos. The girls were eager to start the lesson so I invited them to come and take there places with the BTB in the best seat where all her hens could see her. CS then entered the room to cheers and screams. It's customary for the BTB to remove CS sarong but she volunteered it to one of the more excitable hens, who confidently strode and untied the sarong with her teeth!! The session went well with a good mix of fun, laughter, drawing and a little massage session in the middle which had everyone in stitches. Definitely one of the wildest moments!! There were some great sketches produced, I thought Liz had a really good natural ability. We finished off with a chocolate prize for the best drawing and a photo session by the pool. I really enjoyed teaching this lovely group of hens and hope to return to the Hen Party House soon.

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